Frequently asked questions

What is a Selfie Museum?

Not a "real museum" but we do have some facts and infomation displayed about the "selfie" world. A Selfie Museum is one of the hottest new trends in the world of "Selfie" photgraphy. With the average person taking over 450 selfies a year and Google reporting that 93 million selfies are taken a year on it's Andorid devices, Selfie Museums are popping up all over the world offering guests immersive, engaging and captivating photo scenes and backdrops to give the social guru a cool backgound for their Cool Shots!

What are your hours of operation?

We keep basic operating hours and are open longer during the spring and summer seasons - check our facebook page for updates and our event ticket times page for times. We are also open for late night functions for private events and seasonal fun events.

How do I get the tickets?

You can buy tickets online or at the door. Subject to availability!

What ages are allowed?

The Cool Shots Selfie Museum is fun for all ages! In fact, birthday parties of all ages are a blast with all their friends and you'll have tons of Selfie and group shots to share with friends and family on your favorite social network!

Can we bring our own food and beverage?

For general open hours - yes! In fact the Wharf is an entertainment district and if you buy a drink at one of the bars or restaurants, bring it with you for now.... We are getting a state liquor license and when that goes into effect, there will be NO outside beverages allowed. For private events, based on event and catering, no outside food and beverages are allowed.

Can I bring my own camera - like a DSLR?

Absolutely! And we have some professional photogaphers who use the museum for their clients. Hire a Pro for: - Christmas Card Photos - Portraits - School Yearbook Photos - Sport Photos And many more options! See our pricing for professional photographers on our pricng page.

Are there discounts for large groups?

Yes! We do offer large group discounts - based on season and availability. Call for times and availablity.

Do you have a private party room?

Yes! We have a section we block off for parties.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are! Just ask for the elevator access upon arrival. Most of our scenes are handicap friendly.

Do you rent the Museum for Private Events?

Yes! You can book the whole museum outside our normal business hours at a rate of $500 per hour. The Cool Shots Selfie Museum is a great place to spend time with family, friends and co-workers from Birthdays and Reunions to Youth Groups, Sport Teams and Team Building events!

Can we bring our pets?

Yes! But please make sure they have a restroom break before entering. And if they make a mess, please clean up and let our staff know.