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  • What is a Selfie Museum?
    Not a "real museum" but we do have some facts and infomation displayed about the "selfie" world. A Selfie Museum is one of the hottest new trends in the world of "Selfie" photgraphy. With the average person taking over 450 selfies a year and Google reporting that 93 million selfies are taken a year on it's Andorid devices, Selfie Museums are popping up all over the world offering guests immersive, engaging and captivating photo scenes and backdrops to give the social guru a cool backgound for their Cool Shots!
  • What are your hours of operation?
    We keep basic operating hours and are open longer during the spring and summer seasons - check our facebook page for updates.
  • How do I get the tickets?
    You can buy tickets at the door. Subject to availability!
  • What ages are allowed?
    The Cool Shots Selfie Museum is fun for all ages! In fact, birthday parties of all ages are a blast with all their friends and you'll have tons of Selfie and group shots to share with friends and family on your favorite social network!
  • Can I bring my own camera - like a DSLR?
    Absolutely! And we have some professional photogaphers who use the museum for their clients. Hire a Pro for: - Christmas Card Photos - Portraits - School Yearbook Photos - Sport Photos And many more options! See our pricing for professional photographers on our pricng page.
  • Are you wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, we are! Just ask for the elevator access upon arrival. Most of our scenes are handicap friendly.
  • Can we bring our pets?
    Yes! But please make sure they have a restroom break before entering. And if they make a mess, please clean up and let our staff know.
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